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NBA2K League & Pro-Am Partnerships

Recently several of the NBA2K League teams have been announcing Tournaments that they are holding offering various prizes, with the big prize being an automatic spot in the NBA2K League Season 3 Draft.

There are two tournaments in particular that really caught my attention…the NETS GC “EARN YOUR SPOT” TOURNAMENT and the WARRIORS GAMING SQUAD INVITATIONAL - GO FOR PRO.

The one thing these two Tournaments have in common is that they are partnering with a Pro-Am League. The Nets GC are partnering with the MPBA2K and the Warriors GS is partnering with the WR Pro Am League. Maybe I am reading too much into this, but to me these partnerships are VERY significant.

It is very easy to make the links between these two teams and the Pro-Am Leagues. The Nets GC General Manager & Coach is Ivan Curtiss (@OGKINGCOURT), who is also the Owner of the MPBA2K. While the Founder & CEO of the WR Pro-Am League, Ev That Guy is also a Scout/Analyst for the Warriors Gaming Squad. That is not what makes this significant.

What makes this significant is the fact that this is the first time to my knowledge that an NBA2K League officially sanctioned event has been run in partnership with a Pro-Am League. Maybe this really means nothing other than they are partnering to run a Tournament. But this could also be the start of something that will lead to something very significant as the NBA2K League continues to grow and develop.

Thoughts from WR Pro Am League CEO

I was fortunate enough to catch up with the Founder & CEO of the WR Pro-Am League, who is known in the 2K Community as Ev That Guy. I asked him a few questions:

Dave, 2KZN: “What are your thoughts on WR and NBA2K League partnering?”

Ev That Guy: “If the NBA2K League would present the opportunity to partner with WR in a capacity such as the farm league for it that would be monumental. This would be big for the 2K community because players that play in WR would be looked at directly by the NBA2K League.”

Dave, 2KZN: “Why did WR and the NBA2K League decide to form this partnership for the WGS tournament?”

Ev That Guy: “WR didn’t partner with the NBA2K League. Lux and myself have been working with WGS for the last year and have built relationships in that organization. When the opportunity to host a tournament for them presented itself they put their trust in us.”

Dave, 2KZN: “What does a partnership like this mean for the Pro Am community and WR League?”

Ev That Guy: “This partnership for this tournament is huge, it gives the community an opportunity to showcase their skills on a platform that they know. The eyes of NBA2K League teams and scouts will be on these tournaments. On top of that someone from the winning team in the tournament will receive a guaranteed spot in the upcoming NBA2K League Draft Pool. This is the first time anything like this has happened and if done well it may be the new way to earn a draft spot.”

Dave, 2KZN: “Are there more events like this planned in the future between WR League and NBA2K League?

Ev That Guy: “WR works with Warriors Gaming Squad, as of right now there aren’t any other events planned.”

Dave, 2KZN: “Do you see the WR League becoming a part of the NBA2K League long term?”

Ev That Guy: “As of right now I can’t see WR becoming part of the NBA2K League. Just glad to be part of the league’s growth in the last 2 years.”

NBA2K League G Leagues?

The one thing Ev That Guy shared with us that really caught my attention is when he said “If the NBA2K League would present the opportunity to partner with WR in a capacity such as the farm league for it that would be monumental”.

I have believed and talked about this ever since the NBA2K League was first announced in 2017. I believe that there will come a day where the NBA2K League announces that there will be a “G-League” where League prospects will be drafted to be the next generation of players for their respective NBA2K League team as the professionals put down the sticks for other ventures.

It may happen soon, or maybe several years down the road. But as the League continues to grow and develop, it will be inevitable that this type of League will exist. And who is better positioned to serve this purpose other than Leagues like the MPBA2K and WR Pro-Am League. In a way, they are already doing this for the NBA2K League. The only difference will be is that they will be made to be part of the League.