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Written by: Travis Neptune, March 1, 2020

Here are the 23 NBA2K League teams ranked within tiers from "Top" all the way down to "Low" tier. The teams have not been ranked within the tiers, so they have been listed alphabetically.



The 76ers GC are back to back tip off champions, as well as finishing season 2 with a trip to the finals. This team has something to prove this season. All they needed in the draft was a lock and they got USERPICK, along with Tucker Locks Up.

Season 3 Roster: Radiant, Scretty, UserPick, BreadWinner, Steez, TuckerLocksUp.


Coming off back to back seasons where they were the number one team in the league and they were able to keep the core of their team and fill in the remaining spots well with the right pieces they needed.

Season 3 Roster: Mama Im Dat Man, Majestic, Lavish Phenom, Hood, OneWildWalnut, OOCSLIM.


The T-Wolves Gaming are the defending champs. They were also able to keep the core of their team. Only needing a lock, they drafted Saint, along with Detoxys. They are looking to go back to back.

Season 3 Roster: Bear, JMoney, Saint, Feast, JoJo, Detoxys.



Last season Celtics Crossover Gaming had a pretty rough start. But they eventually turned it around and proved to be a serious threat in the league. With retaining 4 players from last season, going into season 3 I expect them to remain a threat

Season 3 Roster: Fab, MOAM, Mel East, Bulleyy, No Autographs, Daveed.


Mavs Gaming were the second best team in the league last season finishing 12-4 in the regular season and going on a 10 game winning streak, they have proven they are tough to beat. Bringing back their core, it is expected that they remain on top of the league until proven otherwise.

Season 3 Roster: Dimez, Mobe, Sherm, Sleetys, Pete, Spartan


The Warriors Gaming Squad won 2 tournaments last season (The Turn & The Ticket) and eliminated the best team in the league during the playoffs. Retaining four players from that team and getting a good replacement for their center spot makes them a threat for season 3.

Season 3 Roster: CB13, BSmoove, Gradient, Jin, Slaughter, Matty.



Season 2 wasn’t the season Bucks thought they would have. Putting that behind them, they drafted a team nobody would’ve thought they could. Regg has proven to be one of the best scoring point guards in the draft prior to the league. His transition to the big stage is vital to this Bucks team. ARooks and Plondo already showed what they bring to the table last season. Will Bucks GG’s troubles of finding a point guard continue on in season 3? We soon find out and this is a lot of pressure for a rookie point guard. Let’s see if he’s up for the task.

Season 3 Roster: Regg, ARooks, Idris, TyESGN, Plondo, ChaChingSingh.


After falling short of the playoffs last season, Grizz Gaming made big moves during the off season to start their journey to making the playoffs in season 3. Trading for one of the best centers in the game could be the piece they need, this was one of the few 2K League trades that went well for both teams. Going into season 3 Goofy is playing with something to prove. After dominating all pre-draft it is safe to say he is not coming into the league to lose. He is going to be loud and tough on his teammates and we all know not everybody is built for that. Goofy has been saying since season 1 he just needs a point guard and now he has a very formidable one in Vandi. Grizz Gaming’s biggest test is how well will Vandi’s timid character fair against the strong dominant personality of Goofy.

Season 3 Roster: Vandi, JayRod, DDouble, Authentic African, Goofy, Lav.


Similar scenario as Knicks Gaming, after making the finals in season 1, Heat Check Gaming fell short of everybody’s expectations in season 3. They decided to wipe the slate clean and start fresh. Drafting an entirely new team, Heat Check Gaming is ready for their redemption season. With these 3 rookies and 3 veteran players, the only thing I see holding this team back is team chemistry and how well they get along. They have a solid floor general at point guard in Glen, a top lock in my opinion with Shiftay, a top center in Hotshot, and a very solid power forward with Peroxide. This season 3 Heat Check Gaming has undeniable potential and talent.

Season 3 Roster: Glenn, Delusion, Shiftay, Peroxide, Hotshot, Deedz.


Going into their rookie season as an organization, Hornets Venom had one of the best drafts going into season 3. Type will prove to be a viable focal point for this team offensively and defensively as he will have to free ExposeHim up on the offensive end as well as have Trap’s back defensively. With two solid power forwards in Bucks and Gliz it is interesting to see who gets that starting spot. Having both of them compete for it should improve both of their games.

Season 3 Roster: ExposeHim, Snubby, Trap, Bucks, Type, Gliz.


Kings GG was a solid team last season and I expect them to be a solid team this season. With trading away their star PG, they drafted 2 rookie point guards hoping to replace him. With arguably the best lock in the draft, an all defensive team big, top sharp, and a top power forward his team has high expectations. With Crush and Yusuf on the pick and roll defense, opposing teams are going to be stifled. Not to mention having Shotz in the corner who is not afraid to make a play and swing out his corner, the opposing point guard would always have his head on a swivel constantly thinking versus this overwhelming defense. One problem I see this team having is their point guard position but they were also thinking the same thing which is why they drafted two. Another problem I see the Kings having is the strong personalities of Yusuf and Shotz. Will these two bump heads? Will the point guard be mentally strong enough to play with the two? Their season depends on it and only time will tell.

Season 3 Roster: Bash, Seem, Crush, Yusuf, Shotz, Nasthetic.


Knicks Gaming fell short of everybody’s expectations in season 2. From champions season 1 to abysmal season 2, the Knicks have done everything right to turn back into contenders. Knicks easily had the best draft with grabbing a proven winner in Duck with the 2nd overall pick. They then built on that with Rob as their second pick, who’s just as good on an inside build as he is on an outside build, with his IQ being in the top 5 of his position. With a top sharp in Malik and one of the best supporting cast of low ego guys the knicks are primed to be contenders again. As the saying goes, games still have to be played, but the only thing stopping the knicks is their first rounders not living up to expectations

Season 3 Roster: Duck, Malik, BigRim, Truth, Rob, Hazza.


Magic Gaming retained 3 of their players and picked up a fourth one during the off season. With a solid core of vets on this team, everybody already knows and accepts their role on this team. With a coach like Jonah, I see this team making a playoff push this season of the 2K League with the reigning Rookie of the Year in Reizey, one of the best off ball sharps in Profusion, and a top defensive combination of Toxsik and May, along with a power forward like DT who would have your back by swinging out his corner when needed. Very solid team.

Season 3 Roster: Reizey, Profusion, Toxsik, DT, May, DJBama.


Going into Season 3, Pacers Gaming has drafted a promising team. In season 2 Pacers Gaming was one of the better teams of the league finishing with a 10-6 record and making it to the finals of one tournament (The Ticket). With their new team going into season 3 Pacers Gaming should remain one of the better teams in the league, if not even better. Pacers Gaming will prove to be one of the top defensive teams in the league after drafting Bohio. Bohio is arguably the best defensive point guard in the draft. Drafting Jomar was a great pick because he takes pride on the defensive end of the court. These two new additions to Pacers Gaming will mesh well with Nate and Wolf.

Season 3 Roster: Bohio, Swizurk, Nate, Wolf, Jomar, BobbyBuckets


Wizards DG drafted the team they wanted hoping this would be the team to have a bounce back season. After a season where they did not have a point guard, with the first pick of the draft they get their point guard followed by their lock and everything else they needed. The question you have to ask this Wizards DG team is, what direction are you guys going? They have a bonafide big man in DayFri who can easily play power forward or center. But then again he’s the only big man on the team. You also have a 3 headed back court demon in Reese JBM and Newdini, with Reese shutting down haters all of season two, JBM as your first overall pick, and the latter of the 3 has been killing competition all offseason. Who’s the odd man out? And who plays power forward for this team. It’s going to be tough regardless but if they get their lineup situated correctly, they should easily build on their 4 win season.

Season 3 Roster: JBM, Newdini, Awkward, Reese, DayFri, BRich.



Gen.G can prove to be a good team in the league. They have solid pieces to make it happen. Being a rookie team in the league as well as being the only team in the league with 5 rookies on their roster, this is going to be an interesting season for Gen.G. Yes Killey has been dominating the Xbox scene all pre draft but is he mentally ready for the stage especially when a legend account can not save him? Also, this team can have potential problems before they even reach their market with the fact that Kai did not even want to be drafted there. The faith of Gen.G going into season 3 of the NBA 2K League is everyone buying into the system and trusting one another.

Season 3 Roster: Killey, Kai, TurnUp, Gen, Deadeye, Luck Yi Wesley.


Season 2 was a tough season all year for the Hawks finishing 5-11. Acquiring an MVP & Rookie of the Year finalist was a big move for them as they take a step towards redeeming themselves. My only concern with the Hawks is BP is the only threat on offense this team has. He will have to carry all the weight for this team as he steps into a James Harden type of role for this team. Who plays lock for them this season? Since they have two locks on their roster I could see them moving one of their locks, most likely followTheGod, to the power forward position to guard the PnR so they’d have two locks defending the pick-and-roll. Lee was a great underrated pick that nobody saw coming and I see the Hawks benefiting from that. But how will KelMav’s mental hold up after not touching the ball a lot with BP at point guard running the show? Let’s see how season 3 treats them.

Season 3 Roster: BP, KelMav, MrStylez, Follow, Lee, Rondo.


With the pieces Jazz Gaming have, I’m curious to see who plays what to start off this season. This should fair well as a team that loves to have offball movement and Splash being more of a floor general. Will he be able to score when the offball movement is dead? Jazz Gaming also has a great leader in Compete but how will he transition from point guard to lockdown. After going 8-8 last season, their goal this season should be making the playoffs.

Season 3 Roster: SplashEdition, Lotty, Compete, Ria, Beezus, GetOnMyLevel.


With their debut season being a bust, Lakers Gaming’s second season needs to be better. The success or fall of this Lakers team all comes down to Sav, who has not played the game since early this pre-draft season. After Mooty’s two seasons he is easily an underrated center and leader. Let’s keep our eyes on this team during their second season in the league to see if they can have a bounce back season.

Season 3 Roster: Sav, Kev, Tactuk, Vert, Mooty, Dweq.


Nets GC finished the season, 7-9 in season 2. They made some trades during the off season and drafted well but I don’t think it was enough to get them over the hump in the league. Similar to the Pistons, WHAT IS THEIR IDENTITY? Who is the point guard? Who is playing power forward? With Choc getting drafted in the top 10 and him having such close ties to Shuttles, it’s fair to assume he plays point guard right? Then what happens to Wavy? And Rando? They have a very solid center and lock in Shuttles and Randomz. But outside of them this team isn’t as versatile as you may want to believe. This can be early locker room problems with their retained PG from season 2. Nevertheless it’ll be interesting to see what line up they choose to run with come Tip-Off tournament time.

Season 3 Roster: Wavy, Rando, Randomz, Choc, Shuttles, Potts.


After finishing 8-8 in season 2 of the NBA 2K League, I don’t feel as though Raptors Uprising has done enough to get themselves over the hump for this season. Kenny wants to be the guy for Raptors Uprising but similar to Killey, with no legend account on his side, can he be that threat offensively for this team? Also, Timelycook has been out of pro am for a while now. After being out for a whole season, and just getting his groove back, would he be able to get back to his top form. Will he prove to still be relevant and be the top lock that this team needs? Lastly, will Wuan prove all his haters wrong and show everyone why he should have been drafted last year? Hopefully after boot camp this team could prove me wrong going into the Tip-Off tournament.

Season 3 Roster: Kenny, Reece, TimelyCook, Wuan, Sick, Legit.



8-8 on the season in season 2, Cavs Legion didn’t do enough during the off-season to show me any improvements towards a better season. This team will always be a gritty team with the tough backcourt that consists of reigning DPoY in Godof2k, and solid power forward/center duo in AllHailTrey, and OLarry. But just as it was season 2, consistent scoring will be their downfall. Doza is as inconsistent as they come, giving you 30 one game then 4 pts and 7 turnovers the game after. Strainer is a serviceable secondary ball handler but I don’t see the back court working out, especially with the alleged ruffled feathers and trade rumors between the two, halfway through the off-season.

Season 3 Roster: Doza, Strainer, GodddOf2K, Trey, Larry, Josh Jay.


After finishing 2-14 as the worst team in the league last season, Pistons GT made some moves during the off season to acquire Ramo who is one of the top centers in the league. The team has no identity. Management trades their best player in season 1, for them to be a punching bag season 2, just to trade back for him prior to season 3. JT has been a bottom tier point guard for the past 2 seasons. Granted he’s put in a ton of work on his game this off-season but with the LykAPro pick it’s hard to not start him over JT. This dilemma can cause early locker room problems seeing as JT is adamant about this being his breakout season at point guard. This team can be a middle of the pack team if JT accepts his role as a great defender and they build around Pro and Ramo. The supporting cast of Dev, Joseph, and Charger is average at best.

Season 3 Roster: LykAPro, DevGoss, JT, Charger, Ramo, Joseph.