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NBA 2K League Check-in: 76ers GC (written by Boneman9000)

Season 3 of the NBA 2K League is finally underway. There have already been some surprises like Kenny’s 51 point explosion along with Timelycook’s 26 point performance during his re-debut with Raptors Uprising GC, and Mavs GG Season 1 and Season 2 point guard Dimez moving over to shooting guard.

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, the league has gone to 100-percent remote play for at least the first six weeks of the season. After the number crunchers and logistics, aficionados did their handiwork, Managing Director Brendan Donohue and the NBA 2K League was able to announce the official start of the long-awaited Season 3. Each matchup on the schedule will be a best of three series with the winner of the series earning one regular-season win.

At the end of week one, I was able to check in with BreadwinnerLA, Scretty, and USERPICK of 76ers GC. The squad went 0-2 on the week being swept 2-0 in both series, first against Raptors Uprising GC followed by Hornets Venom GT.

They’ve got two glaring issues to address before they can even think about moving up in the standings; points scored and turnovers. Let’s start with turnovers. During Week one action, Sixers point guard Radiant had a total of 45 turnovers which lead the league by nine. That’s an insane amount of turnovers. Factor in that he’s widely regarded as one of the best point guards in the league, and things don’t start to look any better.

Enough about that. Let’s move on. The name of the game is to score points, and Philadelphia has just not been able to do that so far. Through their four games played in week one, 76ers GC has only been able to score 53.75 points per game. For context, their opponents this week have put up 85 points per contest. Sure, that’s a large gap. And sure, some of that is based on turnovers, but not all of that differential can be cleaned up by eliminating turnovers.

By my math, if Radiant is averaging about 11 turnovers a game and 10 of those result in an open dunk worth two points, they’re still about 11 points behind their opponents in these matches. All six players and Head Coach Jeff Terrell will regroup this weekend looking to come out guns blazing in week 2 when they take on Warriors Gaming Squad and T-Wolves Gaming.

After a very disappointing start by the 76ers GC, I had the opportunity to sit down with BreadwinnerLA, Scretty, and USERPICK. Here’s how it went down.

(Watch the video, click here)

When I asked them about what it was like to prepare for remote play instead of stage play due to the Coronavirus, Scretty had this to say:

“We’re not going to be able to play in front of fans in New York or be across from the other team, so the environment is going to be different. We have to bring each other energy on the court, and obviously, we haven’t been doing that. It’s different. We have to adjust to it, but I feel like we’re going to get there.”

I mentioned what Scott Cole had to say about perhaps the rookies this season having an advantage because essentially they’re playing from home during this remote play stage of the season as opposed to the bright lights of the stage in NYC. Scretty kept it short here:

“We don’t have any rookies on this team. Yes. Definitely a disadvantage.”

USERPICK chimed in when I asked about the difficulties of preparing for the season knowing that the Coronavirus was still very much at large:

“We just wanted to do our part and make sure that us as well as our fans and everyone out there is doing their part being safe. We understand that we’re going through this pandemic, but we all can get through it together. We want to utilize this time we have to come together as a team and build that camaraderie and chemistry to make sure we perform well. We just want to make sure we’re doing our part staying safe and that everyone is staying safe as well.”

76ers GC wants to be one of the best organizations to play for, and that quest continues here in Season 3. The organization partnered with the families of each of the six players and Head Coach to make a good luck video prior to the season. I asked if that was a surprise and BreadwinnerLA jumped in:

“We kind of had an idea that that was going to happen. 76ers always try to do small things to catch us off guard, but it was really nice of them, and we appreciate it.”

At this point I figured it was time to talk about the elephant in the room, their ice-cold start to Season 3:

BreadwinnerLA: “We’re just playing bad. That’s it.”

Scretty: “We’re playing bad. We’ve been through adversity before, so it’s nothing new to us, nothing we won't be able to adjust to. We just haven’t adjusted to the gameplay as fast as the other teams. This is a marathon. Not a sprint. I think we’ll be fine.”

During thier second matchup of the week versus Hornets Venom GT, we saw BreadwinnerLA switch from power forward to shooting guard, a shakeup that some felt was a possibility, but most didn’t see coming. Bread spoke more on the subject:

“[USER]PICK did good against the Raptors on Lock, but we wanted to switch it up and do something different. That’s it.”

Saturday morning following week, Head Coach Jeff Terrell put out a statement via twitter. I asked the guys what that statement meant for them:


BreadwinnerLA: [shaking his head] “We don’t really care what nobody thinks to be honest. We don’t care if anybody thinks we’re going to be terrible. We don’t care if anybody thought we were going to be good. Last year we honestly didn’t care what no other team thought. We don’t care what no organization thinks. We just play as a team. We win as a team, we lose as a team. We’re playing bad right now, and we’ll figure it out.”

Scretty: “It’s as simple as that.”

For my final question, I asked what some of their personal goals were for Season 3. I should’ve guessed the response:

Scretty: “My goal would be to improve my game from last year to this year. Obviously, I made a drastic improvement from Season 1 to Season 2. I just want to continue that and hopefully end up with a championship at the end of the season.”

USERPICK: “I want to take it day by day and do whatever it takes to help the team, whether that’s me on lock or me on power forward. Whatever it takes, I’m willing to do it. We’re a team at the end of the day, and I just want to make sure we put our best product out, and we perform to the best of our ability.”

BreadwinnerLA: “We all just want to improve. We don’t care about individual stats. We don’t care about stat lines. We don’t care about trophies. A couple of us had some accolades last year, but we honestly didn’t care because we lost in the finals, so it really didn’t matter. We just want to win, and that’s all.”

Before heading into week two’s action, the players have a message for their fans and supporters:

BreadwinnerLA: “We appreciate all of our fans on twitter. We can't really go into the studio like we usually do. We can’t engage with everybody, but we still engage with them on twitter, and everybody’s still shouting us out, so we appreciate all our fans and everybody that's in the organization trying to help us out even during the Corona.”

Scretty: “One thing about 76ers GC, we WILL figure it out.”

USERPICK: “Just stick with us. Everyone goes through a little adversity. We will get through it together as a team and with the help of our fans as well.”