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WR Pro-Am Spotlight


The WR Pro-Am Spotlight is a weekly podcast that will help Prospects prepare to earn a spot in the NBA 2K League. You will hear directly from NBA 2K League professionals what it takes to take your career to the next level. Topics will include 2K game-play, Social Media, Personal Branding, Interview Techniques, Goal Setting and more. After listening to the Pro-Am Spotlight, head over to the 2K Toolbox to get the tools you need to put your new knowledge into ACTION!

Coaches Spotlight


Coaches Spotlight


Have you ever wanted to hear things about the NBA 2K League from a Coach’s perspective? The “Coaches Spotlight” is a segment featuring interviews with NBA 2K League Coaches where you will hear how they think, what they are looking for in players, and what life is like in the NBA 2K League behind the scenes. The knowledge and insight you will gain from listening to these interviews will give you a leg up on other prospects!

NBA 2K Toolbox


NBA 2K League Toolbox


The 2K Toolbox is the place to come after listening to the Pro-Am Spotlight podcast so you can get the Tools you need to put your new knowledge to work and take your career and life to heights you never thought were possible! Learn what it means to look Professional. The Toolbox includes the how-to when it comes to social media, resumes, succeeding in interviews, dealing with rejection, finding an agent and so much more.




"As an esports industry professional, I've appeared on many podcasts but what sets  2KZN apart is the unique approach that is both informative and professional, while also being entertaining and hilarious.  I'd recommend listening to the podcasts for anyone involved in esports and in particular on the "sports" game side of the industry."


Justin M. Jacobson, Esq. Entertainment &
Esports Attorney


Dave has been great ambassadors for Raptors Uprising throughout the inaugural season of the NBA 2K League. I followed their coverage on social media for a while before hopping onto their podcast for an hour, and I found their style very easy to engage with... one of my more natural interviews this season.


Shane Talbot
Esports Manager at Maple Leaf Sports & Ent.